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Develop, launch and accelerate
your personal brand in 2023!

Join Regan’s powerful team in a 3-day branding intensive event.

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Are you ready to unleash your powerful brand that enables
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This 3-Day intensive event will give you an all-encompassing approach to building
and launching a successful personal brand.



Unlock your true message, get
clear on your vision, and attract
your ideal tribe.



The full system to ensuring that
your brand is in profit before you



Accelerate your results through
leveraged systems increasing
profits and minimizing time.

If You’re Ready To Discover The 3 Steps That Thousands Of Students Have Used To Launch Their Own Personal Brand And Earn Next Level Income Anywhere On Earth, Get Your BYBA Ticket Below!

Over the three days you will master

Regan’s proven brand building exercises

  • Developing Brand Clarity – Define exactly what you stand for through honesty, authenticity, and integrity
  • The Expert Mindset – How To Step Into Your Role As An Expert and Become a person that people identify with and trust
  • Building a Tribe Following – Identify Who your true fans are. They share your content, sing your praises, rush to your defence, and salivate at the next product launch!
  • Growing Your List (and Loving On Them) – The more people you reach, the more people you can help. Each name is worth gold!
  • E-Commerce Essentials – How To Easily Set Up The Back End Of Your Online Business. We cover payment processors and product delivery – It’s how you get paid!
  • Creating Your Own Unique Online Experience – What makes you distinct from other brands and therefore a brand no one can compete with.
  • Social Media Hacks – Understanding all Platforms, growing and automating them. Social media is essential to reach your tribe. Here’s how to apply it to business.
  • Content Creation – How To Develop A Content Machine that Creates with Ease. Writing blog posts, filming videos, and recording podcasts that make you… you! (Without dreading them!)
  • Writing and Launching Books so you Become A #1 Best Selling Author – My method takes you from nobody to industry expert, especially if you stink at writing.
  • How to go from Idea to Book Launch in Under 2 Weeks – The process of getting to market efficiently.
  • Getting Into PROFIT BEFORE Your Brand Launches – How the heck to package it all up and make money!
  • Understanding the Launch Mindset – What you must prepare for when launching a new product.
  • Designing Your Unique Launch Plans – How to work your tribe into a fever pitch so hot they buy before it’s released!
  • Monetizing Your Message Daily – Your daily engagement is an opportunity to connect people with a life changing product.
  • How to Get Seen Online – I built up my personal brand to $1,500,000 before investing a single cent into advertising! You can do it in several ways.
  • Getting into the Media – Get Featured in Mainstream media like Fox, CNN, etc. Use a powerful psychological principle called Authority Bias for INSTANT credibility like a 20 year industry veteran… even if you started your business yesterday
  • How to Build and Grow a Soulmate Team, Globally – These are the people who embrace your vision and want to grow to the highest levels.
  • How to Scale your Products and Services with Ease – So that you don’t become a slave to your own business
  • Developing a Systematic and Powerful 12 Month and Beyond Plan for Success – My students have been in tears after helping their FIRST paid client. Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re helping people month after month and getting predictable deposits into your bank account!
Success Stories

You are a great inspiration! I believe I found you as a result of my work and after reading You are a badass at making money. Jen Sincero mentions finding a mentor that will push you to go deep. Can’t wait to meet you in LA!

-Olga Alcazar Carlson
Success Stories

Just as I’d made one of the biggest investments ever in a very high end 7 figure coach… I saw Regan Anne Hillyer’s vid about WCI. I was like “shit!”… As I was just in the midst of changing all my bank stuff around – up-levelling… bringing on the abundance… 🙂 My money was tied up in the process of that. Anyway I spoke with Regan… then put a rocket up the backside of everything I was doing mindset wise, abundance wise… Made it happen… Signed up with WCI, then BLAM… within 24 hours of doing that I had a 6 month 1:1 coaching client sign up with me.
Success mindset on fire! And doing it all from a deep soul place of alignment.
Mandy xoxo 💖🎉💝😘

– Mandy Gibbonsr
Success Stories

I’ve long been one to speak my Truth. But being part of this space and part of OEB is helping me be even more clear, succinct, and direct. Just as we all must be in life and in our relationships, if we want to save our energy for the things that really matter. 🦋❤️🦋

– Tara Daylami
Success Stories

Whoop whoop! So so far I’ve followed through with everything and have just delivered week 1 of my first ever program!! I only got 1 paying person on it but it’s a start and I’m doing everything I’m meant to be doing and it can only get better with the more that I do. Yay! Time to now follow through with the last few bits before I have then done absolutely everything I learnt at the mastermind 🎉🎉

– Corinne Winn


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  • The full Be Your Brand Academy
  • Pre Event Coaching Assessment
  • 3x Laser Coaching Calls
  • with an RHI private coach
  • A ticket to celebratory drinks on Day 3
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  • Everything in the Gold Package plus…
  • 3x Coaching Calls with
  • Head of Coaching Robyn
  • Private VIP Dinner with the team on Day 2
  • Inner Circle Group Accountability during the event
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You will get Lifetime Enrolment Into Our Be Your Brand Facebook Family.

Our team also engage with this group.
This isn’t like some programs where you’re forgotten about upon event completion.

Your Coaches

Trained by Regan Hillyer your coaches will help you
Remove ANY Barriers that are STOPPING you from Embodying A Personal Brand
That Will Transform The World And Upgrade Your Income And Lifestyle.

They will teach you how to Launch A Profitable Business From A Place Of Ease, Flow, And Grace using Regan Hillyer’s method, in only 3 days!
(And NOT from a place of Trial And Error that took Regan Over 10 Years to master!)
We also want you to feel uplifted, supported and empowered!

Robyn Nikora

Head of Coaching & Event Director

Robyn has led hundreds of Regan Hillyer International workshops and trained thousands of students. She is the go-to for scaling any business to consistent 5 & 6 figure months. Robyn is on a mission to help you gain total clarity over your goal and the steps to achieve it!


Regan, isn’t this something that I could learn myself?


You could watch countless hours of YouTube videos with contradictory information. Or pump out content hoping that someone – anyone – will engage with it.

Even waste THOUSANDS of dollars on tools and automation that you don’t really need! All without truly knowing your purpose.

My team and I merely invite you to learn a proven process that took a decade to perfect… in 3 DAYS!

I’m totally in, Regan! What are the various levels of investment?

There are 2 levels: The Gold and Platinum package.
Every Gold participant has access to the life transforming method above.

– The full Be Your Brand Academy
– Pre Event Coaching Assessment
– 3x Laser Coaching Calls with an RHI private coach
– A ticket to celebratory drinks on Day 3
For those who need every edge in their personal brand!

– Everything in Gold Package plus…
– 3x Coaching Calls with Head of Coaching Robyn
– Private VIP Dinner on Day 2 with Robyn and Team
– Inner Circle Group Accountability During Event
– VIP Seating at the front