How To Live From Your Soul During Challenging Times –
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Join Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Guides & Global Thought Leaders Regan Hillyer & JuanPa Barahona For This Free Webinar As They Help You Discover Why Now More Than Ever Is Your Time To Thrive… And How To Live From Your Soul For Immediate & Unlimited Abundance, Fulfilment & Joy

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Learn About The Energetic Shift That’s Occurring Right Now And How To Thrive Through Tough Times

Our planet is going through an enormous vibrational shift right now…

and while times are challenging, they also present a beautiful opportunity for you: if you know how to respond. During this webinar Regan and JuanPa will share exactly how to make the most of this unique energetic moment.

Your Soul Knows Exactly What To Do To Attract Abundance, Fulfillment And Joy… All You Have To Do Is Remember

On this webinar you will discover the techniques, practices, insight and clarity you need to create a life beyond your dreams by tapping into your Soul’s intuitive wisdom. Once you learn how to Remember Your Soul and embody its power, be ready for next-level results in all areas of your life.

Receive Regan and JuanPa’s Most Potent Activation Experience To Reset And Revive At The Deepest Energetic Level

Benefit from a life-expanding guided Soul Connection Activation experience, as Regan and JuanPa help you reset and return to your natural state of bliss so you can access the flow of your Soul’s wisdom directly and rapidly.


What You’ll Learn And Experience On This Webinar

Awaken Your Intuition

Understand the Soul Remembrance Formula And How To Use It Right Now
Reconnect With The Highest Facet Of Your Soul
Get Clear On Why You’re Not Manifesting What You Desire
Discover How To Handle Uncertain And Challenging Times With Confidence
Revealed: How To Shift Any Challenge Into An Opportunity
Receive A Life-Changing Activation To Reconnect To Your Soul On A Deeper Level
Find Out Why Living From The Soul Is The Answer To Any Problem In ANY Area Of Your Life

And much, much more!

Hello, I’m Regan Hillyer!

I specialize in helping experts uncover their true message and launch powerful personal brands

I have trained thousands of people. Pushing them to build multiple six- and seven-figure location-free businesses using powerful mindset changing tools and innovative strategies.

It doesn’t matter if you still have no idea where to start, or if you already have everything figured out, but you’re looking to level up your game.

Wherever you are in your journey right now, I can help you create a significant impact and lasting legacy in the world. But, only if you’re willing to do what it takes.

Hey, I’m JuanPa Barahona

Transformational leader, speaker, visionary, holistic yoga teacher, healer and coach

I have dedicated over 20 years of my life, travelling to all the corners of the world, to master ancient and modern healing modalities and techniques in order to help my students overcome ANY personal or professional challenges in order to truly thrive in their lives.

It’s my deep pleasure and my purpose to arm humanity with the tools and knowledge they need to step into their higher purpose and activate their optimal state of being.

What People Say About Regan and JuanPa’s Training

“They are masters in the art and science of love…

and they walk their talk. They radiate aliveness and joy, while not only experiencing profound abundance, but empowering others with how to do the same.”

-Foster Gamble, Producer, Director, Co-Writer, THRIVE

“As soon as we started working together I had my first multiple 5 figure month…

Since that time I have continued to work deeply with both Regan and JuanPa and the more work we have done the more my mission, my impact and my income have grown, alongside my creativity and my ability to create miracles in both my life and business. They are amazing mentors and if you have a desire to change the world these are two of the best to help you do it.”

-Suzy Ashworth- Founder of

“Working with Regan & JuanPa has changed my life completely…

They taught me tools that fully upgraded every area of my life. Working with them has helped me to release blockages & heal so many deeper layers, to find clarity on my purpose and the focus needed to truly create and live my Sacred Dream. I could not ask for better mentors. They share generously and authentically and truly walk their talk. Deeply grateful for the beauty & blessings they brought into my life!”

-Stephanie C Koehler- Quantum Healer, Alchemist & Accelerator of Human Potential

“In committing to working with Regan at a very high level everything was blasted open….

Trying to put into words what working with Regan (and JuanPa too!) over the last 2 years has done for me is difficult. But in committing to working with Regan at a very high level everything was blasted open. I’ve recreated myself so many times over the two years working with them. I’ve learned how to relax, I’ve found the courage to truly explore and commit to my souls path, I’ve met so many amazing beings and I could not be happier. I’m proud of that previous version of me for choosing to go all in. Thank you Regan and JuanPa for the amazing work you are doing in the world!”

-Erica Lester- Founder at

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