Time For A Soulabration!

Congratulations On Listening To Your Intuition!

Thank you for inviting us along this journey. Here’s what to expect next…

Hey Familia!


Our souls resonate with yours!

The truth is, you have been called to this program for some time. 
(Even before you could describe what Soul Remembrance is!) 
Knowing your purpose, standing in your truth, and making rapid-fire decisions that multiply your abundance each passing day…  
Well that’s easy once we’ve cleared out all the soul blocks. 
Discerning which choice is correct after decades of negative programming and false energetic layers piling on top of you like ocean waves? 
THAT is a little harder. 

But far from impossible! 

Mark Today On Your Calendar!

This May Be The Best Thing To Happen To You!

It represents a shift in your very way of being. Like you are the caterpillar emerging from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly.

Life will never be the same! 
And for the hundreds of blessings that come along with that… There is the occasional challenge.
It seems that even friends and family… sleepwalking through life… unconscious to their souls’ true power… can ironically discourage us the most. 
Stand firm in your decision! 
You’re not alone! The community at Regan Hillyer International and JuanPa Global come from all walks of life. We can empathize with the challenges that you face. 
We promise you: There is a new day coming. Whenever you feel overwhelmed – just keep going. 

Excited Yet?

Imagine Soon Immersing Yourself In This Priceless Content…


Shifting from being closed off to manifestation to a state where possibility flows through you.



To know what’s right, wrong and make the correct decision in an instant.


To remove the energetic soul blocks.


Connecting you to the source that turns obstacles into opportunity.


Of anything you want to manifest…


Awaken your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles aiding energetic release. Become certain in your direction, immovable in your self-belief and unstoppable in your actions!


This method raises your body’s energetic limit to receive even greater abundance!


You won’t find this method anywhere else. We’ll show you how we transform energies like frustration into manifestation with ease and grace!

What Happens Next…

You will receive an email explaining how to access all the recorded training and materials. If there is any hiccup, please, reach out to our support team. We ensure a seamless transition on your journey.

More importantly…

You’re Invited To Tell The World About Your Newfound Bliss!

Share the gift of Soul Remembrance with your friends, family, fans, and followers on social media! (Heck, even share it with the not-so-nice people because they need it most of all!)

Show us how you celebrate. Post your picture, tell your story, film yourself dancing on rooftops! Make sure you tag us so that we can celebrate with you!

We’ll get the champagne ready.

See you soon, Mi Familia! And remember…
“You Absolutely CAN Have It All….And Life is Bliss!!”

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